Tent Types

  • VIP Alpine Tents

These fabric tension structure tents are our ‘flagship’, they are block out  “VIP” White tents, cool in summer and warm in winter. (“Cottage Windows”). The roof fabric is patterned in such a way as to keep the  fabric under tension at all times in two directions, thus reducing to a minimum the flapping and making it one of the most stable structures available. 15 m Alpines from 15m X 15m extending 9m to 15m X 70m tents available.

alpine-tent alpine-tent-30m-x-50m-fancourt

  • Marquee Tents – Peg ‘n Pole

 These are Traditional style marquees. This tent has a pole in the middle of the tent preventing the tent from caving in.  Our Marquee hire is well-known all over the country for any type of event from weddings, birthday parties or any special occasion to business functions & conferences. We will take care of everything from flooring to lighting to the heating. We will liaise with you to provide the perfect marquee and venue for your wedding, party, sporting or corporate event.


  • Stretch / Bedouin Tents

Any size, all colours available. All over SA. We supply for hire genuine Bedouin tents, along with authentic floor coverings, lighting and furniture to create a ready-to-go party space. These tents are double-layered and weatherproof. These are modern tents and very popular.


  • Alu Tents – Clear Frame Tents/White Frame Tents

Metal frame structures, aluminium free span modular portal frames. “VIP” tents, but no poles inside these tents. Aluminium tents are designed to hold the tent structure in tact and size-wise, it caters for bigger seating space.

 Our marquees can cater for any number of guests and you can trust our experience to guide you when making decisions about size and style of marquee for your event. We take pride in our customer care and our friendly office team are always pleased to assist with any queries.

 Neat frame marquee with 5m glass door. Framed marquees are a modern style of marquee. Instead of center poles and ropes, these tents are supported by an aluminium skeleton around the edge. Because frame marquees need no extra space around them.